Cloth Nappy Wash And Care Tips

  • Before first use

  • Storage

  • Washing

  • Drying

Before first use

We recommend washing the nappies and inserts twice before using them for the first time. This allows the fabric to gain maximum absorption and to get rid of the sewing threads that would have remained stuck during manufacturing.


Place soiled nappies in a laundry basket or an open wet bag for soiled nappies.

Wash the nappies every 2-3 days. Do not soak or rinse the nappies during this process as they should remain as dry as possible. If you rinse your nappies, you should hang them to air dry and wash them within the following 24 hours.

• Note that it is not necessary to remove the inserts before washing our nappies; they will come out automatically due to the double opening pocket.

Do not soak the nappies. They must be kept dry.

• A good storage solution should leave no odour. It is preferable to store the soiled nappies in an open bag to not create humidity problems nor persisting odours.

Washing routine for reusable baby bottoms

A good washing routine will help your nappies stay odour free

  • Rinse with cold water

    Helps get rid of any residue.

  • Regular wash cycle

    Warm water cycle (40º). Do not put too much water in the washing machine. The nappies must rub against each other.

    If you have hard water, do not rinse a second time; use a powder detergent instead.

  • Detergent

    Does not contain fabric softener.

    Do not use baby detergent, as it is not concentrated enough to wash the nappies properly.


We recommend using the dryer to dry the inserts, nappies and covers the vast majority of the time. This step tightens the threads and “reseals” the Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) that covers the outer fabric (the waterproof membrane). Be careful to not to manipulate them when they are hot and not to overdry them! You can also lay your nappies flat to dry.

You may occasionally hang your inserts and nappies outdoors to dry them since the sun is a whitening agent and has antibacterial properties butplease notethat hanging your nappies and covers outside can dry the rubber bands (elastics) and wear them out prematurely in which casethe warranty is no longer applicable.