Nappy Week

The Reusable Nappy Week (formerly known as the Real Nappy week) is a week in April dedicated to cloth nappies. It is an opportunity to celebrate cloth nappies and educate those who want to make the move but still have concerns.

Here, at La Petite Ourse, we don't only sell cloth nappies, we participate in real changes in thousands of families' lives around the globe by educating, informing, and helping them start the amazing journey of cloth nappies. Offering outstanding quality products at affordable prices has been our mission since Day 1. We are so proud to have convinced many parents to make the big move and be a part of the terrific cloth nappy community on an international scale.

Our involvement does not end when you make a purchase, it starts right then! Through our guides, tutorials and the support of a very well-trained customer service team, our main goal is to make cloth nappies easy to use and wash and allow you to make a difference for the environment.

We are so happy to take part in the Reusable Nappy Week  this year and have some interesting content and discounts to share with you!


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